Kulki.js a.k.a Lines or Color Lines written in JavaScript

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About The Game

"Kulki" was a Polish puzzle game developed by Jarosław Lewandowski in 1995 for PC platform. It was quite popular in Poland during MS Windows 3.1 - 98 times. Not many knew at the time, that it was actually a variant of older game developed in Russia called Шарики (Lines). Original title was invented by Oleg Demin in 1992 and released by Геймос (Gamos) for MS-DOS platform.

Today, there are vast number of clones for, probably, all possible platforms, including browsers and mobile devices. Although most of those remakes use simple balls or circles in different colors, some introduced different shapes or balls with embossed symbols. This was to improve accessibility.

About Kulki.js

Kulki.js is yet another remake/clone written in JavaScript with the use of HTML canvas. So was it necessary? No. But it was fun to write, forced me to learn about new things like A* pathfinding, binary heaps, and basics of canvas API.

Also, "Color Lines" game in general, happens to be one of all time favorites of my girlfriend...

Credits and acknowledgements



Ernestas Šulikovskis (Ernest Szulikowski): @ests64